In tight markets it is critical to remain knowledgeable of your competitors as well as HCP activities. SteepRock compiles intelligence from third-party sources, such as the National Institutes of Health and news aggregators, creating a comprehensive warehouse of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and competitive knowledge. Information can be automatically delivered by conventional methods or daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail alerts.

With SteepRock Automatic Information Updates you can:

  • Build credibility with current information that is constantly updated.
  • Monitor competitors at the company, brand, congressional, and/or television media campaign level.
  • Monitor KOL activities such as publications, trials, congressional activity, and awards.
  • Create a single location for intelligence.
  • Retrieve information relevant to your therapeutic area and combine it with in-house intelligence.
  • Be confident in constantly updated information.
  • Receive customized real-time alerts.
  • Survey opinion leaders in real time for immediate feedback.