From pioneering the first Opinion Leader Management System™ to delivering our system’s newest enduring advantages, SteepRock continues to lead the way in life science relationship management.

Reputation for customer service and innovation
Our leadership is founded on our long-term relationships with clients and our responsiveness to their needs. SteepRock has a reputation for customer service and innovation, moving faster than any competitor to deliver advancements and make changes to get things right. We are privately held, employee owned, and report only to customers, not stockholders. Our mission is not how fast we grow but rather how effectively we grow through our customers’ success.

Life science focus
SteepRock serves the life sciences industry exclusively, and our company and its solutions “grew up” in pharma. In 2001—two years before the industry adopted the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, we saw the need to unify disparate information systems and became the first hosting provider of a life science relationship management system. SteepRock continues to lead the market in its life science expertise, acquired through the industry’s most distinguished professionals and over eleven years of customer-centric development.

Experience you can count on
SteepRock has:
• Served every major life science company
• Extensive global expertise with a system translated into 8 languages
• Supplied global corporate-wide solutions for 8 of the top 10 pharmaceuticals
• The largest installed base of users: Over 500 systems at 130+ organizations
• Profiled over 150,000 health care professionals and performed over 1000 identification and influence maps
• Offices in the US, France, Germany, India, and Taiwan

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