Identifying Opinion LeadersWhether you call them Key Opinion Leaders, External Experts, Thought Leaders, External Stakeholders, Speakers or Trusted Advisers, they are critical to your success (we detail why in this article). Our expert team can help you target the right people based on your specific needs (we describe how in this article). Then, SteepRock’s highly-experienced analysts work with you to ensure that you have the best set of candidate individuals and organizations approach to help you reach your objectives (a process that we describe in this article).

SteepRock offers two types of market research that translate this intelligence into strategies for developing opportunities.

Primary market research (Sociometrics):
• Sophisticated survey development and execution
• Multi-lingual options
• Output into Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF
• Direct data delivery or integration into your own Opinion Leader Management System
• Integrated and flexible analytics

Secondary market research (Bibliometrics):
• Comprehensive assessment of scientific credibility, peer interactions, leadership, and advocacy