With the Investigator Sponsored Trial Solution (ISTS™), you gain the powerful technologies and knowledge base necessary to comply with a rapidly changing and increasingly audited regulatory environment. SteepRock has extensive experience in creating simple, successful, and defensible investigator-sponsored research programs. ISTS manages and automates the entire process from application to auditing.

Increased efficiency. ISTS automates time-consuming, manual business processes to accelerate the time from submission to approval. E-mail notification keeps stakeholders abreast of required actions.

Comprehensive compliance. ISTS provides a complete audit trail of study reviews, decisions, and comments, recording all versions of documentation.

Sophisticated analysis. A powerful reporting engine transforms data into actionable insights. ISTS analyzes study performance and costs and compares studies and submissions by compound or therapeutic area.

ISTS can stand alone or be integrated with any other SteepRock solutions and services.