Facing decreasing budgets and increasing responsibilities, medical affairs departments are looking to do more with less while meeting business goals and compliance requirements. The Medical Affairs Operations solution enables teams to track and report liaison interactions in a compliant and transparent way. Interactions, which can include anything from physician spend to on/off-label scientific discussions, are tailored to the needs of your company so you can focus on your core business, not administration.

The Medical Affairs Operations solution supports all daily activities:

• Consistency and transparency in scientific collaborations
• Faster user workflows and real-time reporting
• Adherence to guidelines and regulations, e.g. attestations and electronic signatures for off-label discussions
• Credibility with daily information on publications, clinical trials, and news by indication, product, and liaison
• Integrated procedural and training materials
• Planning, prediction, and achievement measurement
• Real-time administrative control to meet evolving needs
• Seamless access to SteepRock functionality for mobile device users

The Medical Affairs Operations solution can stand alone or be integrated with any other SteepRock solutions and services.