The SRMobile™ iPad app is designed specifically for field use, giving remote users real-time access to the entire SteepRock suite. SRMobile runs natively on all mobile devices: smartphones, PDAs, and tablets built on Apple iOS and the Android platform.

Ease of use. An intuitive interface keeps users productive with easy field access to HCP profile information, documents, medical data, and slide presentations. Users don’t need to worry if they’re offline, because all data is synchronized automatically once re-connected to the Internet.

Field compliance. SRMobile extends compliance into the field, monitoring all online interactions in real-time. Learn more.

App deployment. SRMobile apps are securely distributed and updated through your enterprise mobile device management infrastructure or personalized portal in SteepRock’s private app store. SteepRock’s app store allows you to deploy to specific users or your whole team, simplifying the user experience.

Real-time updates. SRMobile apps are continuously updated via “push” delivery to all registered mobile devices. Continuous updates ensure current, relevant, and compliant information.

Security. Using SteepRock’s app store or your own mobile device management, you can securely control authorized users and data.

Flexibility. SteepRock continues to lead the market in flexibility – from managing users and data to making real-time app changes to meet evolving market and compliance demands. Deploy your SRMobile apps on your own terms without compromise.

Monitoring. SteepRock provides monitoring analytics for a high-quality user experience, maximum uptime, and a deep understanding of user actions and behaviors to ensure your team is adhering to policies and requirements.