SteepRock Announces the Transparency Accelerator: the First Comprehensive, Drop-in SaaS Solution for Managing Global Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Transparency Accelerator Solves the Dilemma of Achieving Fast, Accurate Reporting of “Transfers of Value” with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations
Accelerator’s Immediate Availability Ideal for Fast-Approaching Deadlines such as the EFPIA Code Requirements

New York, NY (January 15, 2014) – Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies around the world now have a new tool, the Transparency Accelerator™, at their disposal to achieve global transparency in their interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations. SteepRock, a global leader in delivering technologies for compliance and stakeholder management within life sciences for more than 12 years, developed the Accelerator in response to the need for companies to address the dramatic growth in reporting requirements from regulatory bodies and industry associations worldwide, with a compliant solution that meets these requirements out-of-the-box.

“In the drive to achieve global transparency, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies need innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions to comply with the growing number of public reporting requirements for transfer of value data,” said SteepRock Managing Director Alan Mello Jr. “Our clients have actually driven the development of the Transparency Accelerator, the first pre-configured, cloud-based framework for end-to-end ‘transfer of value’ management. This web-based system is the answer for forward thinking companies that need a quick, cost-effective, scalable, drop-in solution, and that recognize there is more at stake than just meeting immediate compliance demands.”

The growing number of compliance requirements includes the latest European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) disclosure code, issued at the end of 2013, which impacts pharmaceutical and life sciences companies with operations in 33 European countries. The EFPIA Code initiates public reporting of 2015 transfers of value data by 2016, which means that firms must move quickly to develop systems to capture and report accurate data across multiple systems and geographies.

With the Transparency Accelerator, companies avoid the danger of a costly failure or a “never-ending” integration. The cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model standardizes data on the front end across multiple functions and different locations to ensure accuracy, consistency and up-to-date information, both today and in the future. More than a set of spreadsheets uploaded to a database, the Transparency Accelerator is a full-fledged contemporary web application using an EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) back-end and a state-of-the-art front-end that employs HTML5 and AJAX. Consequently, the Transparency Accelerator not only provides users with the kind of unobtrusive natural experience that they have come to expect from contemporary systems, but it also engenders confidence in the IT group that the system is scalable, secure, connectable, extensible, and future-proof.

The Transparency Accelerator is part of the SteepRock family of state-of-the-art medical modules, including Opinion Leader Management, Grant Management, Investigator Sponsored Trial Management, Market Access, Speakers Bureau and Medical Affairs, all of which seamlessly integrate quickly and easily with the Accelerator. SteepRock also provides standardised data feeds that support links to customer master, financial, travel and expense, meetings, and clinical systems as needed.

For more information about Transparency Accelerator, contact Alan Mello, Transfer of Value Compliance Practice Leader at +1 860.868.0302 or by email at Visit to get the latest white paper on the topic: “A New Perspective on Global Transparency Reporting.”

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