Having a strategy and associated tactics to effectively and proactively identify (using non-linear analysis and predictive modeling techniques), profile, map and engage emerging experts within key disease states is essential for best-in-class medical affairs and brand teams as demographic trends no longer allow for an over-reliance on the old guard,”frequent flyer” KOLs.

Our technology helps to ensure your field medical affairs and in-house marketing experts are not surprised when rising stars begin to appear as key publication authors, principal investigators on significant clinical studies and podium presenters at scientific meetings.

  • We also help to ensure that you are aware of the important rising stars in your space … and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Our statistically validated, predictive model mines billions of data points to provide you with real-time intelligence on these experts and to monitor their scientific achievements as their careers progress.
  • In addition, we have PhD level experts in predictive analytics and modeling on-staff to help you refine and understand your results to ensure you are receiving maximum value from the services.
  • As new experts emerge in a disease state you are monitoring, our solution proactively notifies you so that you never miss out on crucial developments and can adjust your engagement strategies and tactics accordingly.

Our model was recently featured as a poster presentation at the 2015 DIA Med Comm Annual Forum where it was awarded 1st place as the most impactful/best poster. Let us show you how this technology can help you!