Opinion leaders and stakeholders form networks of influence in therapeutic and geographic areas. SteepRock’s opinion leader influence, institutional influence, and relationship maps help our clients analyze and visualize these connections.

Opinion leader influence mapping measures the current influence that individual influencers have over their peers and presents their level of influence on a quantitative scale. With SteepRock you can:

  • See exactly who influences whom.
  • Evaluate thousands of specialists simultaneously.
  • Identify the best speakers, advisory board members, and consultants.
  • Simultaneously map across the U.S. and the globe.

Institutional influence mapping measures the current influence that individual institutions have over reimbursement and product availability on a quantitative scale, such as:

  • Multi-disciplinary treatment teams
  • Patient referral patterns within large institutions
  • Influencers within healthcare delivery systems

Relationship mapping. The life science industry revolves around products, people, and the relationships between them. SteepRock relationship mapping enables you to view and analyze relationships among health care professionals (HCPs) in a variety of ways:

  • Who knows whom – View relationships among HCPs.
  • Discover relationships – Authors, investigators, society members, residency, and fellowship programs
  • Assess relationships based on publication activity, clinical trials, medical society affiliations, educational background, and more.
  • View institutional relationships by therapeutic area.
  • Compare graphical relationship maps between two HCPs.
  • Assess the strength of HCP relationships using a variety of metrics.
  • Improve educational programs, advisory boards, and other activities involving groups of HCPs.