The Opinion Leader Management System™ (OLMS™) streamlines collaboration and information flow between teams from discovery to launch. OLMS identifies and manages your activities with health care professionals while increasing regulatory compliance. Graphical dashboards and charts display progress in initiatives and relationships over time, and custom reports can be created on the fly.

The OLMS solution leads the way in innovation:
Strong tools enable you to visualize, analyze, and drill down into therapies and geographies. Exclusive influence vs. advocacy plots and key opinion leader (KOL) predictions reveal opportunities.
Create unlimited standard and ad-hoc reports on compliance, programs, and relationships.
Intuitive UI.
Find and retrieve information easily with a relational database and a user-friendly interface and graphics.
Daily imports go beyond publications, trials, and news.
With extensive networking, mapping, and sorting capabilities, KOLs can be segmented by brand, therapeutic area, region, role, and level of influence.
Compliance and corporate integrity agreements are carefully tracked, enforced, and documented. Learn more.
Mobile device users have seamless access to SteepRock functionality. Learn more.

The OLMS solution can stand alone or be integrated with any other SteepRock solutions and services.