What sets relationship management systems apart are the technologies on which they are founded. SteepRock is the industry’s most trusted solution because our technology platform is both robust and at the same time versatile. Grounded in real user experience and refined from eleven years of continuous use, SteepRock employs best-in-class enterprise hardware and software with round-the-clock administration. Powerful tools enable the system to be tailored to and evolve with your business and its markets.

Private cloud based. SteepRock provides the simplicity, agility, and affordability of an Internet-accessed cloud solution—with the unrivaled data security of SteepRock’s private cloud. Learn more.

Responsive. Cloud solutions are implemented rapidly, in weeks not months. And they respond dynamically to changing business demands and the specialized needs of different company groups.

Reliable. Our data center is SSAE 16 Type II (formerly SAS 70) audited, and off-site redundant back-ups are performed for an uptime record of better than 99.99%.

Mobile. In addition to supporting traditional office users, SteepRock natively supports all mobile devices, giving remote users seamless access to SteepRock functionality. Learn more.

Accessible data. There is nearly unlimited flexibility in finding and analyzing data due to the system’s fast and reliable relational database (RDBMS). Standard and custom reports are generated with ease.

Tailored. Not one-size-fits-all, the system is quickly customized for unique applications because of its single software code base. In addition, instant data, user, and permission changes can be made from the user interface.

Scalable. The system encourages unlimited file and data storage, any number and configuration of customized fields and relationships, and unrestricted simultaneous users.

Turnkey. An all-inclusive solution, cloud transforms a complex IT environment into a simple, subscription-based utility.

Low cost. With the cloud, there is no hardware or software to purchase and no upgrade costs. Cloud solutions have a lower total cost of ownership than in-house systems because of economies of scale and automation.

Interoperable. SteepRock works with enterprise CRMs, other expense and event management systems, and even proprietary and legacy systems by request.

Innovative. The ability to share one instance of software among multiple clients is the defining characteristic of SteepRock’s true multi-tenant cloud/SaaS solution. Because there is only one software code base, upgrades, features, and technologies are added transparently without downtime, and SteepRock is always backward-compatible.