Speaker's Bureau

Our Speaker systems give you the tools to identify the right speakers, manage contracts, disseminate updated materials, document fair market value (FMV), calculate aggregate spend and report on and analyze results.

Comprehensive Promotional Speaking Solution

"Both internal stakeholders and external speakers who participate in your Speaker’s Bureau for your brands interact with a compliant, centrally managed repository of information, making planning, management, and close-out simple for all."


Flexible nomination is supported and can be used by your internal teams from all groups in the company allows.

Approval Workflow

The proper decision-makers have immediate and structured access to the FMV information required to make a good decision.


The system prompts for required evaluations and feedback plus provides complete and integrated payments management.


Full reporting by product, program, brand, geography and topic is supported – and with integrated report-builder, you can build it if it’s not there already.

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"For more than 17 years, SteepRock has led the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, animal health, and nutrition industry, delivering technology that leverages and strengthens relationships between companies and their key stakeholders: health care providers (HCPs). Our web-based platform and pre-configured SaaS solutions deliver comprehensive actionable insights and ensure regulatory compliance."

Alan Mello, Jr.
Managing Director

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