Investigator Initiated/Phase IV Research

SteepRock's Investigator Sponsored Trial Solution bundles powerful workflow and external user management capabilities with the customization needed to implement your company's SOPs in a simple, defensible, compliant system.

Key Benefits:

  • All study information is stored and maintained in a single location representing a single source of truth
  • Real Time Reports are generated instantly including enrollment and budget forecasts
  • Compliance with regulations, whether government or company, is safeguarded
  • Data integrity and validation is ensured by automatic backup/archival
Fully Customized

"SteepRock’s seasoned implementation team provides the support needed to make the system truly your own, including your language, processes, SOPs, review style, communications and branding."


Allows you to see and manage each aspect of ongoing research at every step of the process for each product and geography.


Create unlimited standard and ad-hoc reports on study requests, study progress, requests for product or payment, program closeout and relationships with investigators.

Knowledge Base

Maintains the body of investigator and study information in a single repository to institutionalize knowledge.


Enforces study management workflows that ensure all actions taken by your team meet corporate requirements, SOPs, applicable laws and relevant regulations.

"..I met with Doug Drossman today… He is about as high a level TL as you can get. We went through the whole system, top to bottom, and he was very, very impressed… I could tell that all your hard work, and the great job done by everyone else working in the background, made a big positive impression with him."
H Pettit, Senior CSL
"The web site was pretty fast, so congrats to someone there."
T Reder, top neurology investigator
"Thanks for your help, and thanks for being so responsive."
W Orr, top investigator
"The system was good and easy. I wouldn’t change it."
D. Kansor, top investigator
S Banuvar, CRA, on behalf of L Shuiman, top investigator
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"For more than 17 years, SteepRock has led the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, animal health, and nutrition industry, delivering technology that leverages and strengthens relationships between companies and their key stakeholders: health care providers (HCPs). Our web-based platform and pre-configured SaaS solutions deliver comprehensive actionable insights and ensure regulatory compliance."

Alan Mello, Jr.
Managing Director

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