Stakeholder Identification

Engage the right external stakeholders in your specialties and therapeutic areas that have the exact focus to meet the needs of your brands. We can identify your investigators, opinion leaders, speakers and experts to help you reach your objectives.

Evidence Based Evaluation

"SteepRock’s experienced team helps you develop the relevant evidence based desk research involving a step-wise review of currently available information to evaluate and rank appropriate digital thought leaders."


SteepRock’s research team provides up-to-date information on the appropriate thought leaders that can help your brand.


Provides defensible direction for the team based on unbiased external information.


Complete assessments of Thought Leader appropriateness are provided to allow dynamic ranking and review.


All relevant and available information on the suitable candidates can be provided in spreadsheets and online systems for immediate use by the team.

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"For more than 17 years, SteepRock has led the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, animal health, and nutrition industry, delivering technology that leverages and strengthens relationships between companies and their key stakeholders. Our web-based platform and pre-configured SaaS solutions deliver comprehensive actionable insights and ensure regulatory compliance."

Alan Mello, Jr
Managing Director

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