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Stakeholder  Identification

Our expert team finds the appropriate Thought Leaders, External Experts, Speakers or Trusted Advisers that are critical to your success.

Healthcare Professional (HCP) Profiles

SteepRock provides the industry’s most up-to-date, accurate, and complete information on health care professionals and organizations.

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SteepRock's unsurpassed services give you confidence and the depth of market understanding that leads to proven success. We partner with you to drive your brand and opinion leader goals.


What our clients have to say about us...

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this information"
Director, Field Medical Affairs
"If your ears were burning, we were discussing how wonderful you are to work with – always so prompt and helpful."
Director, Medical Affairs
"This team showed great teamwork and dedication to deliver on this challenging timeline. Great work everyone!"
Director, Business Systems Management
"I really appreciate the turnaround time. You guys make me look good! And this is why I insist on going with SteepRock over anyone else!"
Director, Medical Science Liaisons
"Thank you for your partnership. It was an absolute delight to work with a professional and responsive team."
Global Medical Marketing Manager
"I have been already utilizing the technology for ad board planning purposes. It has shown to be extremely user friendly (even I can navigate it easily!). It is a very effective tool for us already."
Senior Director, Professional Relations
"As always, it has been truly fantastic working with you on this project. I sincerely appreciate your sense of urgency, consultative approach and value add."
Medical Project Manager
"So many times you went over and beyond to ensure we achieved what we wanted. I am truly grateful for your professionalism and willingness to deliver the best."
Medical Marketing Lead
"It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person yesterday. Everyone is singing the praises of SteepRock..."
Medical Director
"We just received the speaker identification project you did for EU and the results were incredible. We were extremely pleased with how the project was conducted and its results."
Global Marketing Director
"Thanks again – we really appreciated your professionalism, prompt communication, and excellent work on this project and the deliverables. We’re looking forward to rolling out the information to the team – definitely a huge value-add."
Field Director, Medical Affairs
"Thank you very much! I am really more happy with the outcome! You did a great job and I really appreciate working with you."
Marketing Director
"I spent some time navigating the platform and I want to say how impressed I am by the tool. This is quite amazing!"
Associate Director, Global Marketing
"Thanks and great job today. Really impressed with the results from the Swiss project."
Thought Leader Strategy Director
"Thanks very much for all you are doing to drive this forward. Really appreciate you being able to manage this independently..."
Senior Manager, Public Affairs